It is pure coincidence that on the 30th birthday of NWOBHM the members of the metal bands VIRON and ABANDONED present NWOBHM fans with an album titled "NWOBHM For Muthas!".

An unbeatable line-up had been formed under the name of ROXXCALIBUR (mirroring the pioneering compilation "Roxcalibur") in 2007, celebrating as a tribute band all the facets of NWOBHM. VIRON's drummer and passionate NWOBHM collector, Neudi had been playing with the idea of forming a NWOBHM tribute band for years, but it wasn't until 2007 that the idea could be put into practise with like-minded musicians. Besides Neudi, ROXXCALIBUR comprises of two other VIRON musicians, Alexx Stahl and Roger Dequis as well as a member of the thrash band ABANDONED, Kalli. The lineup is completed by bass player Mario Lang, formerly of INTO THE ABYSS et al.

It quickly became clear that the lads had the same taste and all admired less known bands of the NWOBHM movement. Putting a live set together, they placed stress on songs from such lesser known bands, but which would not only please NWOBHM fans, but also regular metal fans.

In Summer 2008 ROXXCALIBUR played at the prestigous Headbangers Open-Air Festival and shared the billing with the NWOBHM legends Sweet Savage and Praying Mantis.

In Autumn 2008 the quintett were signed by Limb Music Products (LMP) and began work on their first CD, "NWOBHM For Muthas", which was produced by Uwe Lulis (Rebellion, Sieges Even, V8 Wankers etc) and Paul Williams. In order to retain the spirit of the originals, the basic tracks were recorded live and partially without a clicktrack. The songs' arrangements were not changed. During the mixing, care was taken to combine a great sound production of 2009 and the old school charm of the original recordings. The result proves that even in anno 2009 it is possible to manage without triggered drums, Pro Tools editing and amp simulations as long as the musicians bring a high level of quality and excellent musicianship with them as principle motives.

The 13 tracks differ from the usual NWOBHM compilations in that many of the songs will be unknown even to big fans of the genre. The lads deliberately selected bands and songs outside of the mainstream, choosing instead underground jewels such as Bleak House, ARC, Radium, Trident and Jameson Raid, bands who were denied the great breakthrough not because of their music, but because their songs were published only as singles - and which have now become valuable collectors' items. But even legends such as Dark Star, Grim Reaper, Witchfinder General, Chateaux, Jaguar and Cloven Hoof are honoured by superb cover versions. The musical spectrum on the CD mirrors the many facets of NWOBHM.

From Hard Rock ("Lady Of Mars"), classical Metal ("Destiny"), pre-speed Metal ("Running For The Line") to the epic "War Of The Ring" and the progressively arranged "The Gates Of Gehenna", ROXXCALIBUR present a rollercoaster ride through the subgenre of Heavy Metal which later became known as NWOBHM. ROXXCALIBUR enjoyed the full support of the British bands from the first moment onwards and the booklet of "NWOBHM For Muthas" includes liner notes from members of the original bands. The presentation of the CD is rounded off by cover artwork by Rodney Matthews who worked not only for NWOBHM bands such as Diamond Head, Praying Mantis and Tygers of Pan Tang, but even for such megabands Scorpions, Magnum, Nazareth and Thin Lizzy.

One day after the European release of "NWOBHM For Muthas" Roxxcalibur played the famous KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL as co-headliner. It was a "NWOBHM 30th Anniversary Show" and they were joined by many original NWOBHM-legends on stage (Dave Hill/Demon, Brian Ross/Satan & Blitzkrieg, Jess Cox/Tygers of Pan Tang, Graham Killen/Bleak House, Terry Dark/Jameson Raid, Enid Williams/Girlschool, Thunderstick/Samson, Lee Payne & Russ North/Cloven Hoof, both guitarists from Tank and from the USA Harry "The Tyrant" Conclin/Jag Panzer). This show was a huge success and brought the band immediately to a higher level.

The reviews of the CD were brilliant and many say that "ROXXCALIBUR is a coverband that is not a coverband". The CD appeared to be "Bonus Bomb of the Month" at Rock Hard magazine with brilliant review by Götz Kühnemund.

The international press loves the CD and the also fact that ROXXCALIBUR keeps the spirit of the NWOBHM and true classic Heavy Metal alive. The first pressing of the CD was sold out in no time... ROXXCALIBUR appeared on the DVD "Headbangers Open Air 2008" with two tracks along with Praying Mantis and Sweet Savage.

In 2010 the band played some prestigous festivals like Keep It True (again), Bang Your Head, Rocktower and Headbangers Open Air (again). Finally the full NWOBHM-Anniversary Show is out on the DVD "Keep It True 12" which also features the rehearsals with most of the guests as a bonus.

The quality of ROXXCALIBUR as a band lead to further activities. Not just that they appeared to be Thunder Rider from Canada at Swordbrothers Festival 2009, they are also Savage Grace with original singer and bandleader Chris Logue. The European tour in March/April 2010 was a huge sucess.

ROXXCALIBUR started with the recordings of their second CD "Lords of the NWOBHM" in September 2010 inGermany and went to Kent/England for the mix with producer-legend Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Loudness and many many others). The CD was released in May 2011. First pressing includes a free DVD with liveclips from various festivals, studioreport and a very special bonus featuring the rehearsals with the originals before the NWOBHM-Anniversary Show 2009 at Keep It True Festival.

"Lords of the NWOBHM" got brilliant reviews in the international press (see review section). The band also saw their first line-up change since 2008. Roger Dequis left the band due to personal reasons. The new guy is Holg who played in Abandoned. ROXXCALIBUR were booked for a second edition of the NWOBHM Anniversary Show at Keep It True which was a big success again but after that the band had to take a break. Drummer Neudi has joined the US-cult band Manilla Road and Kalli became a member of the resurrected NWOBHM band Jameson Raid.

The Savage Grace follow-up band MASTERS OF DISGUISE, featuring the original ROXXCALIBUR line-up with Roger Dequis, has released the debut album "Back with a Vengeance". Alexx Stahl has joined a Deep Purple Tribute band and (!) a Rainbow Tribute band, while Mario and Neudi are also working on a documentary movie about the NWOBHM ( Roxxcalibur still is an active band and played Rock Hard Festival in June 2014.

Their third album, "GEMS OF THE NWOBHM" is definitely no obscurity for people in the know. Even though the majority of worldwide metal fans may not be familiar with all of the selected songs in their original form, it remains an incredibly good metal CD, which, although it has the spirit of the early Eighties within it, is still made for the here and now.

Liner notes by author and NWOBHM expert John Tucker ("Neat & Tidy - The Story of Neat Records", "Suzie Smiled" etc.).
Cover artwork by Rodney Matthews (Diamond Head, Praying Mantis, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Bitches Sin, Magnum, Nazareth etc.).
Mastered by Eroc, known not only for his role as drummer of the Krautrock legends Grobschnitt but also as studio man for his remastering of classics of the Sixties and Seventies.

The album includes the CD only track "Rip Off" and comes in a slipcase including a sticker and a poster.

Official Roxxcalibur "GEMS OF THE NWOBHM" CD-Album Trailer: Click Here Besucherzähler