"Blitzkrieg" featuring Brian Ross on Vocals/KIT 2009 - fade out version
"Destiny", Live at Headbangers Open Air 2010, HQ-Mix

Free GRIFFIN mp3s

Yes, it´s the US-Metal legend. The line-up 2011 is original singer William McKay, Kalli, Holger, Neudi and Mario

"Heavy Metal Attack" Live at Keep it True 2011- Audience recording


Savage Grace 2010 (disbanded): Chris Logue, Kalli, Roger Dequis, Mario Lang, Neudi

"Bound to be Free", Live at Keep it True 2010 - sound from the KIT-Festival DVD

Free VIRON mp3s

Viron is the ex-band of Roxxcalibur members Alexx Stahl, Neudi and Roger Dequis

On The Run - Alternative Take, different to album version!
Dreams Of Eschaton, Manilla Road tribute, non-album track
Run For Tomorrow, Exxplorer tribute, unreleased!
For Her Majesty/NWOGHM
Lucifer Arise/NWOGHM

Free KOKOON mp3s

Kokoon is Neudi´s ex-Band (2002 - 2007), also featuring Guido Holzmann from Sudden Darkness/Economist on bass

Mrs. Jesus, titletrack from the second CD Besucherzähler